Intake Process

The admissions process starts with an initial phone intake with our intake team.  We will gather insurance information and check eligibility and benefits to ensure we can proceed with the admissions process. The intake process is the same for all levels of care.

Prior to admission to PHP or IOP at Opal*, these three steps are taken:

  • 30-minute phone intake
  • Face-to-face intake with our Intake Lead, Riley McCormick, LMHC.
  • Medical Assessment

Based on the information gathered from the above steps, we make a recommendation regarding the most appropriate level of care for your treatment.  If we can offer the recommended services at Opal, we then begin the process of setting up your care plan.

Opal’s Intake Department phone number is 206-538-2305.

*Prior to admission for outpatient at Opal, clients typically only complete phone and face-to-face intakes.