For NEDA Week 2017, Opal: Food+Body Wisdom staff answer the question, “How are you living into Opal’s purpose at work?”

NEDA Week 2016: In the spirit of Radically Open-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Opal staff share self-inquiry questions they have been pondering.

NEDA Week 2014: Opal staff respond to our clients’ question, “Why do we do the work that we do?”

NEDA Week 2015: Opal staff answers, “What’s one thing in your life you’ve learned from an athletic coach?”

NEDA Week 2013: Opal staff reflects on what they wish they were told about their bodies when they were young.

Opal staff had the privilege of participating in a Health at Every Size® training video and this clip speaks to our passion for HAES.