On-call Intake Specialist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Abby Lombardo, MS, LMFT is an intake therapist, past milieu therapist, ambivert, and cat whisperer. An avid admirer of rainy days, Abby moved from the desert of Southern California to pursue becoming a therapist here in lush Seattle, studying the healing that abounds in relationship with others. Abby was drawn to Opal because she, too, champions the HAES approach and social justice work inherent in healing relationships with food and body, which has offered her greater freedom to connect more deeply and kindly with herself. Throughout her time in the intake department, community mental health, and group private practice, Abby has witnessed the incredible bravery and resiliency of people who choose the path of healing; sharing this vulnerable and sacred space with clients continues to make this work meaningful for Abby day after day. When Abby is not living out her professional calling, she can be found with a Hello Robin “Ice Cream Cookie Sammie” in hand, nose-deep in a fantasy novel..

Abby has professional interest and advanced training in:  CBT, depression/ anxiety, family therapy, grief and loss, Health at Every Size, LGBTQ issues/ gender affirming, sex therapy/ sex positive, spirituality, systems of oppression, trauma, life transitions.