Uses She/Her pronouns

Ann (She/Her) is an Intern with Opal: Food + Body Wisdom and is completing a Master of Social Work in the Extended Degree Program at the University of Washington. She also has a Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing from Georgia State University and worked for a non-profit for the first five years of her professional development that created a passion towards a field pursuing mental health and social justice.

Ann is passionate about helping people heal in body, mind, and spirit so they can live their best lives as their authentic selves. Ann’s values deeply align with Opal’s community centered approach, aspiration to contribute to a world where all are able to live in freedom, vision to inspire cultural change regarding food, body, movement and mental health, mission to free people from diet culture. 

As a second-generation Asian American child to Chinese immigrants from Malaysia, she believes in making mental health care accessible for all. One way that Ann experienced love from her parents was by being met with the question, “Have you eaten yet?” instead of “How was your day?” after school. It is because of this that Ann values her relationship between food and community and food. Ann enjoys the meaningful conversations, community building and love that can be experienced by sharing a meal.

Ann aims to center her framework in therapy with anti-oppression, intersectional, and multicultural lens when working with people. Ann values anti-racism work in the mental health field as she believes it is critical part of the work.

Outside of work Ann enjoys spending time with her husband and Pitbull puppy, Wallabe (aka Wally), spending time with friends, taking walks/hikes, and finding creative endeavors. 

Ann’s professional interests include BIPOC Issues/Mental Health Care, Pleasure Activism, Systems of Oppression, Trauma, Somatic Pyschotherapy, Spirituality, Sex Therapy/Sex Positive, CBT, RO-DBT, DBT, Depression/Anxiety, Yoga Therapy, Woman’s Health, Myers Briggs (INFP), and the Enneagram (Enneagram 9).