Primary Therapist

Uses She/They pronouns

Anna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington (MC#61001383) and has a masters in art therapy from Florida State University. As a queer-identified therapist, they value building a compassionate, brave space to explore intersections of identity with eating disorder recovery. Anna feels strongly about continuing the work to learn and unlearn internal biases and confront the messages we receive in our society that oppress, harm, and stigmatize identities. 

As an art therapist, she leans on the imperfect, at times messy, art process as a way to re-discover a relationship with self-expression that is healing, restorative, and a source of resiliency. Anna believes we all hold boundless creativity and supports an unconditional permission to express ourselves and take up space.

Anna came to Opal after learning about Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating and connecting with the principles in their own relationship with food and body. She feels passionately about sharing in clients’ journeys as they navigate diet culture and reclaim a healing relationship and trust with their bodies.

Outside of Opal, Anna enjoys planning sunset picnics, learning new board games with friends, drawing portraits and experimenting with mixed media art journaling, and singing along to mid-2000s pop punk.

Anna has professional interest and advanced training in: Health at Every Size, LGBTQ+ topics and gender affirmative care, and art therapy.