Primary Therapist

Uses They/ Them pronouns

Ashley (they/them) is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in the state of Washington (LH 61063497) with a background in substance use disorders and crisis intervention with youth and families.  While working in community mental health, Ashley developed a passion for providing accessible mental health care to kids and adults struggling with suicidality, self-harm, and addiction.   Ashley identifies as multi-racial (white and Japanese American), non-binary and queer and is particularly passionate about working with clients across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, as well as clients in larger bodies.

Ashley’s passion for working with eating disorders comes from their lived experience as a person in recovery from an eating disorder.  Having been through treatment themselves, Ashley understands how uncertain and scary early recovery can be.  In session, you can expect Ashley to bring their authentic self while holding space for difficult feelings.  Ashley can also help you become more attuned to moments of joy, gratitude, and connection as you move through recovery.  Ashley’s treatment philosophy is rooted in social justice, with a specific emphasis on gender identity, fat liberation, anti-racism, and sex positivity.  As part of this approach, Ashley invites open and honest conversations about identity, privilege, systemic oppression, and power dynamics in and outside of therapy.  Ashley also acknowledges the limitations of living within a culture that values privileged identities and is committed to creating a therapeutic space that addresses systemic barriers to recovery.

Outside of work, Ashley can be found hiking, listening to records, cuddling with their partners, reading tarot, eating scones (their favorite!), and going on long solo road trips.

Ashley has professional interest and training in: substance use disorder treatment, crisis intervention/harm reduction, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems.