Family Therapy + Support

We value relationships and align with the research which points to the benefit of including family therapy and support in a client’s treatment plan. Through our Family + Friends Program we create opportunities that promote healthy relationships for our clients and whomever they identify as family.

One aspect of this program is weekly family therapy sessions for each PHP client, as well as IOP and Outpatient clients who choose to do so. These are held with the client and the people in her life she identifies as key to her healing and recovery.

We also host our weekly Family + Friends Evening on Tuesdays. These evenings rotate between a shared family meal and group learning experience. At our family meal loved ones experience how to engage food and conversation around the dinner table in a helpful and healthy manner. During our group learning experiences we discuss topic like communication, love languages, Opal’s philosophy about food and movement and an array of other topics pertinent to family and friends being effective supporters.

It is our hope that in providing supportive experiences with clients’ family and friends that her “real world” will be more suited to support the recovery she has experienced while at Opal.