At Opal, food and eating are approached with compassion, directness, honesty, freedom, and creativity. The nutrition staff knows that an individual’s struggle with an eating disorder is more than just about food, but do see healing one’s relationship with food as a significant part of recovery.  That value leads our team to be committed to create positive and therapeutic food experiences for our clients with treatment team, fellow clients, family members and one’s existing community.

We do not believe there is one formula for normal eating and therefore will support clients as they discover permission with food and, through that process, discover the kind of eater they are naturally. 

We hope clients learn to trust the unique wisdom of their bodies and the important information it provides about food and nutrition needs. Since our approach is individualized, we allow personalization of meal planning, while simultaneously re-teaching, and guiding the application of the basics of appetite regulation, metabolism, and general nutrition principles. Our goal for our clients is to have a practical, life-giving, trust based relationship with food and their bodies. Integrated into daily meals and snacks, the nutrition staff offers family and friends meals, weekly off-site restaurant outings, grocery store visits and skill-building, off-site snack experientials, culinary group, nutrition education group, and hands-on food preparation.