At Opal, we are committed to creating authentic, compassionate relationships where clients feel understood, supported, and truly known.  We offer culturally sensitive treatment and seek to understand each client’s unique cultural outlook. We hope our clients feel freedom to be their true selves at Opal and beyond. We believe that this type of relational attunement is the breeding ground for change and the recovery process.

Opal clinicians recognize the importance of nudging clients to take risks, but only if ready. We want to challenge, but not over-challenge our clients. The work is to find the balance between effort and ease in treatment and recovery.

With a foundational focus on relationships, Opal will offer individual, family and group therapy from many different theoretical perspectives with a tendency towards treatments shown to be effective in the research literature.

Clients experience an eclectic mix of therapies including cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, family systems, interpersonal, acceptance and commitment, and biological. We offer a variety of groups, including Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Class, Body Image, Re-Thinking Exercise and Sport, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Yoga and Movement Therapy, Facing Fears, and Art Therapy.