Erin Berg

Senior Human Resources and Accounting Specialist 

Uses She/Her pronouns

Erin was introduced to Opal by a close friend who also worked as an Opal dietitian. At the time, Erin was working as an archivist after obtaining her Masters in Library and Information Science from University of Washington, but felt limited in her degree-based employment opportunities. She felt drawn to Opal, because of her unwavering belief in intuitive eating and Health at Every Size and was excited to work with other people who were energized by these ideas. Erin started as an Administrative Assistant at Opal’s front desk and has become involved in many of the non-clinical departments at Opal during her 6 years of employment. Most recently she has moved into a role that focuses on Human Resources and Accounting. Erin acknowledges her privilege as an educated, thin, white woman and hopes to leverage her power to help incorporate anti-racism and cultural equity into the Human Resources department at Opal, so that all staff members feel welcome, safe and valued while they are employed at Opal.