Head of Clinical Management

Uses She/Her pronouns

Haley is a therapist, systems thinker and leader who cares deeply about building and maintaining healthy relationships within and between teams. Haley began her career working for several years as a therapist, case manager and housing coordinator with parents in recovery from substance abuse and transitioning from homelessness. This early career experience informed Haley’s stance as a therapist and reoriented her understanding of her own privilege. She later worked as a Primary and Family Therapist at an adolescent and young adult wilderness program in Hawaii, where she discovered her interest and passion for working with eating disorders. After returning to Seattle in 2014, Haley was fortunate to find Opal and begin her work here as a Primary and Family Therapist. After spending several years away from Opal to take care of her family, Haley was thrilled to return in this role. She loves being at Opal because of her firm belief in Health at Every Size, the exceptional holistic care that is possible with teams working in close collaboration, and the challenge and growth that is possible in this environment, both for clients and staff. Haley is committed to her own continual learning and growth as a person and within her role at Opal. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Washington (#LF60450571). Originally from the Seattle area, Haley attended University of Washington to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Seattle Pacific University for her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Outside of work, Haley is a mom to two energetic daughters and enjoys family time, travel, and reading.