Primary Dietitian

Uses She/Her pronouns

Holly is compassionate, always hungry for personal & professional growth, and a lover of human connection. She found the dietetics profession through a peaked interest in the cross section between her passion for food and excitement for sports. Growing up, Holly loved to attend all of University of Oregon sporting events, before going on to become a “Beaver” at Oregon State for undergraduate studies, and ultimately completing her “Pac 12 trifecta” at University of Washington, where she obtained a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. From there, Holly has predominantly worked in sports nutrition roles, spending 2 seasons working for the Seattle Seahawks and a year at the University of Oregon supporting collegiate athletes. She also spent 1+ year in an outpatient role, where she came to appreciate the undeniable need for an anti-diet, weight neutral approach to nutrition counseling. 

Through the college and post-college years, Holly started to notice her own insecurities with food and body, which manifested in misguided beliefs about food and disordered patterns with food and movement. She credits her introduction to Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size frameworks as the one-way ticket that helped her break free from diet culture, and she has never looked back. This personal journey has fueled a passionate commitment to helping others do the same. Holly believes life is just so much more fun and easy when we are nourished, free from diet culture, and having fun with food! This belief is what brought Holly to the eating disorder space, and she feels so grateful to be in a position where she is able to empower others to explore a positive relationship with food, body, and movement, while feeling deeply moved on a daily basis by the bravery, vulnerability, and hard work of the clients in her care. 

Holly is committed to showing up to do the work to help dismantle systems of oppression and anti-racism work. She recognizes the privileges that come with being a white, thin-bodied, cis-gendered, and able-bodied woman and is actively working to better understand how her privilege impacts her clients and the work she does with them. 

Holly is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (#DI60915004). 

Outside of Opal, Holly loves any activity that gets her outside – hiking, biking, camping, time with family, trying a new restaurant with a great patio, etc. She also loves to curl up with a cup of coffee and good company around a fire during the rainy PNW days. 

Holly’s professional interests are in attuned/intuitive eating, sport/exercise nutrition, women’s health, culinary skills, diet recovery/chronic dieting, and Health at Every Size.