Milieu Therapist

Uses (xe/xem or they/them)

Previous to xeir work at Opal, Izzy (xe/xem or they/them) worked as a designer and as a direct service provider to young adults experiencing homelessness. Xe also worked as a freelance mediator for groups desiring transformation through conflict. As a facilitator, xe uses theories from human system dynamics and emergent strategy to explore “dynamical” change within organizations and the individual. Izzy strives to bring lightness to the fundamental questions posed by the human experience, and identifies strongly with the pleasure activism mantra, “The revolution should be irresistible.” Xe also holds profound respect for the darkness and power that we each carry, and works to bring dignity, vulnerability, and awe to xeir healing work. In line with xeir values, Izzy participates in an anti-racist accountbility group for white identifying people. Izzy is drawn to working with individuals in process with food because xe believes that a loving relationship to self is foundational to all anti-oppression liberation work, and therefore a more free, peaceful, and joyous life and world. 
In xeir free time, Izzy enjoys basking in the sun, reading, swimming in large bodies of water, and contemplating The Void. Xe has a dog named Murphy and every letter anyone has ever written to xem.  Izzy is a Registered Counselor Agency Affiliate ( #CG61197213)