Kelly Winter

Milieu Therapist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Kelly Winter is a Milieu Therapist, Libra, two-wing-three on the Enneagram, and an INFJ. She loves making meaningful connections over food and is a natural caretaker. She values kindness and honesty, is empathetic, thoughtful, chatty, and kind.  

After twenty years of dieting and body dysmorphia, Kelly lost trust in her body and was afraid to be around food. In 2018 she participated in an attuned eating mastery group with Molly Larkin where she learned about Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating. 

Kelly loves being at Opal and to be in a space to live fully in her body. She believes that once we begin to heal our relationship with food and body image, we can experience life and embodiment in a more full, present, joyful way. Kelly is grateful for the opportunity to share this so that others can live their best life in any size body.
Kelly aligns deeply with Opal’s values, especially Centering Community, Liberating from Oppression, and Learning and Unlearning. She is passionate about HAES and social justice as it relates to marginalized communities, building empathy in kids, and lessening her impact on the environment.
Kelly enjoys organization and office supplies, being with friends, movies & podcasts, cooking, and being near saltwater. Kelly lives in Seattle with her partner and two sons, two cats (Hops & Harvey) and two puppies (Quinn & Jude). As a family, they play at the beach, go hiking, walk the puppies, play games, and navigate the shenanigans of daily life. 

Kelly a  Registered Agency Affiliated Counselor  (#CG 61042633) in the State of Washington.