On-call Milieu Therapist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Kiersten has primarily worked in the Social Services field but has always been drawn to a more therapeutic side of things. Her goal is to get her masters in counseling so she can best serve the populations she cares about. Eating disorders are something that have impacted her personally both in her own life as well as in the lives of those she loves. She believes that the experience of healing the relationship between self and body can be really beautiful and she wants to be a part of that work.
Part of what drives her to do this work is knowing how our society really pushes a toxic message when it comes to bodies and food. It’s presented like that is the only way to live and she does not think that is the truth and loves seeing that change in people’s lives. When she learned that there were more options for how to engage with food, it felt like her life opened up and she wants to help others in this journey. 
She has spent the majority of her life chronically dieting and trying to find ways to take up less space both physically and emotionally. In her own journey with food and body, she has encountered many ways to approach life and has loved seeing others perspectives. She is familiar and has experience with a number of different therapeutic modalities and loves to learn more about these and other areas of psychology. She is queer and an LGBT+ advocate, loves animals and plants, and appreciates a good pun. 
Because of her own struggle and recovery with ED and the struggle and recovery of those around her, she has a very personal connection to eating disorder treatment. This is something she has a lot of passion for and is beyond thrilled to be able to be a part of this work. Kiersten is a  Registered Agency Affiliated Counselor (#CG61180433). 

Kiersten has professional interest and advanced training in: Attachment, attuned/ intuitive eating, DBT depression/ anxiety, diet recovery/ chronic dieting, grief and loss, Health at Every Size, LGBTQ issues/ gender affirming, sex therapy/ sex positive, spirituality,  systems of oppression, trauma, women’s health, internal family systems modality, narrative therapy.