Uses She/Her pronouns

Lindsay Miller, LMFTA is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in the State of Washington (MG61363333). She believes that the potential for growth already exists within each of us and that change occurs through a process of genuine connection, reclaiming our inherent goodness and unlearning thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us. Lindsay has always loved stories in all their forms and knows what it is like to believe a smaller story about oneself rather than risk taking up space. Overcontrol, certainty and an “either/or” mentality often feel like much safer places to stay than trusting ourselves and others, allowing for uncertainty, and holding the “both/and” of our lives.

As a couples and family therapist, Lindsay is trained to look at how the numerous systems that intersect with our lives have shaped our stories. Western culture has done an excellent job at creating a false separation of our bodies, minds and hearts in a way that does harm. It takes courage to move towards embodiment and body wisdom and Lindsay desires to be a compassionate witness to her clients as they move into this space.

Lindsay graduated from Seattle University’s Couples and Family Therapy program where she was fortunate enough to have a class with a former milieu therapist at Opal who spoke of their body in such a generous and liberating way that she thought, “I want that!” and is so grateful to now be working at Opal, a place that celebrates the beauty, diversity, resilience, and wisdom of all bodies. She is committed to providing dignity affirming care and is interested in attachment, family therapy, somatic psychotherapy, RO-DBT and spirituality.