Lisa Johnson

Milieu Therapist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Lisa is a therapist who is passionate about equity and inclusivity in the mental health world and in the treatment of eating disorders. As a person who identifies as disabled, Lisa has seen the many ways disabled individuals are overlooked in society and in treatment options. Growing up with a physical disability, Lisa did not see bodies that looked like hers being labeled as “good” or “beautiful” bodies. Therefore, Lisa has devoted her work in the mental health field to body liberation for all. She is dedicated to bringing visibility to disability, which includes access to mental healthcare for all. As a white, thin female, Lisa is aware of the areas she holds privilege amidst her disability, and her personal work is committed to continuing to learn her biases and blindspots and continuing to grow in accountability and allyship. 

Lisa holds a Master in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Mental Health Care Associate in the State of Washington (MC 61066812). She received her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. Lisa’s therapeutic approach includes psychodynamic work, somatic work, Health At Every Size, and RO DBT. 

Lisa also has a background in ballet and dance-movement which has influenced her understanding of therapy as involving both the mind and the body. Her professional interests and advanced training include: trauma-informed care, attachment work, play therapy, child and family care, behavioral health, somatic therapy, psychotherapy, and relational psychoanalysis.

Lisa enjoys spending time outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her partner and sweet puppy. You can also find her planning game and movie nights on the weekends, or spending her mornings practicing mindfulness in her backyard. A few of her favorite things include: coffee, houseplants, puzzles, Christmas decorations, and Oaxacan food.