Maddie Louder

Office Coordinator

Uses She/Her pronouns

Maddie grew up in St. Louis, Missouri as a dancer. She continued dancing in college at Oklahoma City University where she ultimately obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Throughout her experience with dance, Maddie noticed the negative relationship she and her peers held with their bodies and movement. Through her own recovery, Maddie reclaimed her identity from an eating disorder and realized her passion in life was to help others overcome their battles with their own eating disorders. Now, she actively tries to incorporate joyful movement into her work and day to day life. In the evenings, she enjoys teaching barre and encouraging others to celebrate the ways in which their body can move. 
Maddie has worked extensively with eating disorders through non-profit advocacy work in the state of Oklahoma, Washington, and nationally. While working with non-profit organizations, she began to notice the social injustice that is eating disorders. She firmly believes that all individuals deserve access to quality treatment and care that goes above what the field currently offers. Upon moving to Seattle, Maddie stumbled upon Opal and fell in love with their constant energy to create a ripple of change in the eating disorder treatment world. Maddie believes that there is still work to be done in her own mind and heart and works every day to provide more inclusive care to everyone she comes in contact with. Maddie is a Registered Agency Affiliated Counselor (#CG 61071850) and has professional interest in researching athletics and eating disorders, Health at Every Size approaches to treatment, and grief therapy. In her free time, Maddie loves hiking with her pup, Oatis, writing, reading, and conjuring up new recipes in the kitchen.