Billing Specialist 

Uses She/Her pronouns

Martha comes from a diverse ethnic and career background. She grew up in the Midwest with a Black father and Caucasian mother.  Having experienced racism first hand in her youth, Martha passionately supports the causes of racial and socio-economic injustices.  Martha received her bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Recording Industry Management with a minor in Music.  Martha plays the piano and guitar and has written songs and performed for audiences of all ages (under the name Martha Liz).  At one point, Martha was signed as a recording artist on Leon Russell Records when she lived in Nashville, TN.  Martha has also lived in Los Angeles performing there and has experienced the image pressures of the entertainment industry.  In addition to her career in music, Martha has provided over 12 years of administrative and financial support for other organizations.  Martha is grateful to have an opportunity to utilize her business skills to work for an organization that supports healing to those with eating disorders.  Martha also has two young twin daughters whom she strives to set a positive and healthy example for daily.