Primary Dietitian +  Food Service Specialist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Natalie (she/her) is inquisitive, honest, and a small-town girl at heart. Her move from her home state of Montana to big city Seattle for college exposed her to the harsh realities of living in a “thin ideal” world. Surrounded by body insecurities and disordered eating, Natalie began her own journey to attuned eating and body trust. Her lived experience, along with her study of public health in undergrad, highlighted how significant nutrition is as a determinant of overall wellbeing, and motivated her to pursue a career in dietetics. Natalie received her Master of Public Health in Nutritional Science and completed a CDR- accredited dietetic internship through the University of Washington. It was there where she was first introduced to Health At Every Size® that started her down the path to Opal and working with eating disorders. As a non-diet, weight inclusive dietitian ( #DI60914455 ), Natalie is passionate about challenging mainstream diet culture and helping people redefine their relationship with food. Her inquisitive nature has prompted her to question how things came to be, which has allowed her to understand the many intersections of eating disorder development and the influence of larger systems at play. She does not accept the status quo, and is therefore a natural advocate for change, which is what motivates her in this work. As a white, thin-bodied, cis-gendered, and able-bodied woman, Natalie is committed to continual learning of how her own privilege impacts her work and the treatment of eating disorders at large. 

Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors (hiking, backpacking, biking, skiing), eating Thai food, spending time with family, attending UW football games, and most recently- sewing.  

Natalie has professional interest and advanced training in: Attuned/ intuitive eating, diet recovery/ chronic dieting, Health at Every Size, student health.