Alison (Kouba) Boeke, MS, LMHCA, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Alison (Kouba) Boeke is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (#DI60788419) and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (#MC60771740) in the state of Washington, specializing in eating disorders, body image concerns/body acceptance, and freedom from dieting.  As a former dancer at the Houston Ballet Academy, Alison also understands the inherent challenges of body-focused, performance/sports culture and has an interest in helping others enhance their performance through adequate nutrition. She received her dual Master’s degree in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology in addition to completing a CDR-accredited dietetic internship at Bastyr University. Alison’s compassionate, client-centered approach is deeply rooted in a weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size© framework that emphasizes intuitive eating, respect of one’s natural ability to attune to food, body, and movement, and a comprehensive look at the many determinants of health.  She believes that every person’s body intuitively knows how best to nourish itself through food, social connection, and self-care, and is passionate about helping clients reconnect with that internal wisdom.

In the community, Alison is a social justice advocate promoting weight inclusivity and awareness of the impacts of weight stigma on health. Read her recently written paper entitled “The Origins of Sizeism and the Ethical Considerations of Behavioral Weight Loss Programs,” presented at the 2017 National Multicultural Conference and Symposium.  

In her spare time she cherishes time relaxing with her husband and two kitties.  She enjoys many activities including reading, watching movies, running, hiking in the PNW, and most recently, gardening.