Food+Body Wisdom

At Opal, we believe clients know themselves best. We aim to come alongside our clients in their pursuit of recovery from disordered eating and body image dissatisfaction. In the journey of recovery, we will move clients towards a trust based relationship with their body, emotions, and food, eventually helping them to live in attunement to their body’s own wisdom.

This approach stems from the intuitive eating, non-diet and health at every size treatment philosophies, which provide clients with a counter-cultural framework that we believe offers the greatest freedom in recovery. There are times when a client will benefit from direct structure, but our hope is to eventually restore clients’ trust in their own internal wisdom.

Exercise and movement is our birthright. It is fun and can help us to feel good. We, at Opal, are interested in helping patients re-discover the joy of movement. We will help clients use their internal wisdom and guidance to make choices around exercise that are fulfilling and meaningful.

With our focus on our clients’ internal food and body wisdom, we are committed to hiring staff that can be a mirror for our clients and offer the powerful modeling of living into this philosophy. It is our priority to hire staff who live, behave and talk in a way that reflects a counter-cultural, non-diet, and non-weight biased relationship with food and body.