Uses She/Her pronouns

Prior to working at Opal, Taavi received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. Currently, she is working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian with a specialization in disordered eating and eating disorders. Through her undergraduate studies and past personal experience with disordered eating, she has witnessed how complex one’s relationship with food and body can be. She is passionate about helping people defeat the destructive messages diet culture spreads and create peace with food. Her intention, every day, is to respectively care for and hear those enduring a complicated relationship with food to help them develop self-compassion, become fearless, and improve overall well-being. 

In her free time, you can find her cooking/baking, hammocking and reading, and playing pickleball (most likely not all at once). She wholeheartedly support HAES and intuitive eating and loves learning more about these topics and how it applies to this field. Additionally, as an Indigenous person part of the Hopi and Tewa tribe, she believes strongly in the inclusion of all races and committing to racial justice and equity. 

Taavi is a Registered Counselor Agency Affiliate in the state of Washington (#CG61207722)

Taavi has advanced training and professional interest in: Attuned/ intuitive eating, culinary skills, and Health at Every Size.