Milieu Therapist

Uses She/Her pronouns

Tara is a Registered Counselor Agency Affiliate in the state of Washington (#CG61165463).

Growing up, Tara had the unique opportunity to travel the world and hear many stories, this instilled in her a passion for providing care that is intersectional and compassionate. She has worked hard to apply a social justice lens to all that she does. For the past four years, Tara has worked with children in the University of Washington Autism Center and in 2020 founded the Race and Equity Initiative. Tara has also worked as a TA for psychology courses at the University of Washington, as an art teacher, and as a research assistant. Tara is currently researching correlates of resilience following the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. In the future, Tara hopes to research how people with marginalized identities (specifically BIPOC and LGBTQ identifying individuals) experience eating disorders and inequities in eating disorder treatment/diagnosis.

Tara has given many talks to a local high school regarding her recovery. Through interacting with students, she came to recognize the lack of treatment opportunities for individuals with marginalized identities and that many individuals do not feel safe in a traditional treatment setting. This led to her creating a support group for LGBTQ and BIPOC individuals who struggled with body image and disordered eating. Many sessions included art prompts as Tara fully believes in the healing power of creativity.

Tara’s self-care includes doing crafts, dancing, and snuggling with her Frenchie mix named Matcha.

Tara has professional interest and advanced training in attuned/ intuitive eating, BIPOC issues/ mental health care, CBT, culinary skills, DBT,  depression/ anxiety,  Health at Every Size, LGBTQ issues/ gender affirming, RO DBT, sex therapy/ sex positive, somatic therapy, sport and exercise/ athletes, student health, systems of oppression, trauma, women’s health, art therapy, dog therapy.