On Call Milieu Therapist 

Uses She/Her pronouns

Taylor Monte Calvo (CG 61117963) is a mental health counselor-in-training, anti-diet advocate, movie lover, and cat parent. She is so happy to be a member of the staff at Opal Food + Body after years of feeling fatigued and frustrated by our culture’s limiting and oppressive messages around food, movement, and bodies. Taylor appreciates how difficult the road to recovery can be, especially when choosing recovery can often feel like a rogue and political act. Choosing recovery can often feel as though one is pushing back against some of our culture’s most ingrained social norms (e.g. negative body talk, moralization of food and body shape, body shaming). She was drawn to Opal because of its focus on treating eating disorders through a social justice lens that promotes bringing awareness to how the social norms of our diet-obsessed culture have been informed by various systems of oppression. She believes that growing our knowledge of how our cultural milieu has informed our sense of being “not enough” or “wrong”—as well as who benefits from these perceptions of ourselves—can be a huge boon to healing, recovery, and growth. Taylor is so happy to be a member of the Opal community and to have the opportunity to work with other like-minded professionals who are striving to bring inclusivity and anti-oppression into the field of eating disorder recovery. Outside of work and school, Taylor enjoys snuggling her kitties, hiking, reading, and baking!