Opal Video Library


Every year Opal honors National Eating Disorder Awareness Week by recording a video where we ask our staff a question.

For NEDA Week 2017, Opal: Food+Body Wisdom staff answer the question, “How are you living into Opal’s purpose at work?”

NEDA Week 2016: In the spirit of Radically Open-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Opal staff share self-inquiry questions they have been pondering.

NEDA Week 2014: Opal staff respond to our clients’ question, “Why do we do the work that we do?”

NEDA Week 2015: Opal staff answers, “What’s one thing in your life you’ve learned from an athletic coach?”

NEDA Week 2013: Opal staff reflects on what they wish they were told about their bodies when they were young.

Health at Every Size

Opal staff had the privilege of participating in a Health at Every Size® training video and this clip speaks to our passion for HAES.

Exercise+Sport Program

The Exercise + Sport Program is designed to help clients better understand and explore the impact of sports and exercise on their lives and relationships. Learn more about our program through these videos with Opal Co-founder Kara Bazzi.


Talking With Your Kids About Food+Body

What does it look like to raise children with a healthy relationship to food and body? Can children intuitively eat to nourish their bodies or will they only eat sugar if given the freedom? What does our culture tell parents about how to address food and body in the home? What is wrong or right with this approach? What are things to avoid and things to do? Parents and Eating Disorder Professionals Kari Bazzi and Julie Church answer these questions and walk us through their philosophy towards raising families with freedom and attunement with food, body, movement, and health.