Carol Missel

Senior Clinical and

Internship Supervisor

Uses She/Her pronouns

Carol is Opal’s Internship Manager and a Senior Clinical Supervisor.  Carol is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LH60338731) in the State of Washington. Having practiced therapy for over a decade, she believes all people are beautiful in their imperfections and that everyone deserves support as they seek to live an empowered life. Carol has extensive experience working with individuals and families in recovery from mental health issues and trauma. Carol has a particular passion for coming alongside new clinicians to help them start their professional life with a solid foundation that keeps them energized and encouraged as they serve their clients. This has led her to develop her own therapist mentoring program in her private practice and is why she returned to Opal to develop the Internship Program. 

Carol sees each person in the context of relationships and practices from an intersectional lens that seeks to understand cultures’ influences (both toxic and empowering) on an individual’s understanding of themselves in their various identities. Carol pulls from a variety of psychological theories including Attachment, Object Relations, Internal Family Systems, RO-DBT/DBT, Lifespan Integration, and Bowen Systems. Carol loves her work as a therapist and supervisor and finds it an honor to be a fellow traveler alongside people’s journey towards healing and growth.