Radically Open DBT

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or RO DBT is central to eating disorder treatment at Opal. Read on to learn more about this modalitly and how our staff and clients utilize RO DBT. 

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Radically Open DBT at Opal

What is RO DBT?

RO DBT is an evidence-based treatment targeting disorders characterized by excessive self-control, or disorders of overcontrol including anorexia nervosa, chronic depression, treatment-resistant anxiety, and maladaptive perfectionism. RO DBT is the only evidence-based treatment for adult anorexia nervosa and has been informed by 20 years of clinical and experimental research. RO DBT introduces a unique thesis regarding the mechanism by which overcontrolled behavior leads to psychological distress by linking neuoregulation theory and the communicative functions of emotional expression to the formation of close social bonds.

How do we teach RO DBT to clients

Clients in Opal’s higher level of care will participate in RO DBT skills class twice weekly and RO DBT skills are encouraged and used by staff regularly. Individual RO DBT skills class are available to outpatient clients and to community members. 

Radical Openness as a staff value

Radical Openness Psychological health and holding a dialectic of wisdom and self-doubt are valued at Opal. Exercising a flexible mind, taking time for self-inquiry, connecting to others, and receiving and giving feedback are hallmarks of our culture.