We have a commitment to Opal being an eating disorder treatment center that does not feed the systems of oppression that breed eating disorders.  Therefore, we are seeking to hire individuals that are wanting to make systemic changes in alignment with Opal’s values.  Specifically, we are desiring a new Clinical Leader to join our team, who would analyze our programming and structures with a lens of race equity and anti-oppression.  Opal is being re-created so that new leaders will have power to make programmatic and organizational changes. We believe, through this change, the treatment at Opal could meet the needs of clients from a variety of backgrounds and social identities more effectively. In addition, we are making other internal changes to change the work culture at Opal to also be a place where staff with different lived experiences and social identities can be supported, elevated and centered. We know that the white-centered leadership that got us here will not be able to make the transformational change needed to ensure eating disorder treatment is offered at Opal for all. 

Note:  If you do not see the “right” job here for you but you believe you have a value alignment with Opal’s work and would like to bring your gifts, passion, amd lived experiences to Opal, please email julie@opalfoodandbody.com with your interest and career ideas. 

We are now hiring:

Head of Clinic Management

If this full time position is of interest to you please email us and let us know! We would love to set up a zoom e-meeting in order to meet and see if we could together write a job description to fit your giftings and our needs. Email careers@opalfoodandbody.com if you are interested.

Medical Doctor

We are seeking a Primary Care Physician or Sports Medicine Specialist for Treatment of Athletes in an eating disorder clinic Email careers@opalfoodandbody.com if interested.

IOP Lead Therapist

We are seeking an IOP lead therapist to join our team. Email careers@opalfoodandbody.com if interested.

On- Call Milieu Therapist

We are seeking an on-call Milieu Therapist to join our team. Email careers@opalfoodandbody.com if interested.

We do not offer mental health or dietetic internships at this time.

Staff love working at Opal because…


Opal feels like family: I’m both held and supported, and also challenged.”

“Everyone works as a team and values other’s thoughts and opinions.”

“Coming to work at a place that so deeply aligns with my own values is a great and amazing gift! I feel cared for and challenged both personally and professionally. Also…I laugh a lot!”

“They (leadership) truly care and lead by example!”

“The mission and values held here have impacted my own life and my ability to live authentically in the world.”