cozy +fresh +warm

Check out the Opal Food and Body Wisdom Seattle Clinic. 

We believe whole-heartedly in treating the whole person.  Part of that, for us, means creating a physical space that offers comfort and is a manifested expression of our care for our clients. We take great care to create spaces that are filled with natural light and furnished in a way that is fresh, yet cozy. 

When you walk in to the doors of Opal, we hope you are immediately soothed by the surroundings. As you look out of our floor to ceiling windows, you might see Mount Rainier, the downtown Seattle skyline, the Space Needle, or the Olympic Mountains.  It feels like an urban tree house.  

Opal has taken great care to infuse the space with serenity, warmth and freshness. We hope the environment provides a comfortable back drop to the difficult work of recovery. We invite clients to lean into the light-filled, cozy, cushioned space that is home to Opal.

Opal also offers lodging!

Take a virtual tour through the halls, offices, and common areas at the Opal Food and Body Wisdom Seattle Clinic.