Courtney Simons

Associate Operations + Systems Director

Uses She/Her pronouns

Courtney Harp, MA, MFT, LMHC, DMHS (LH60731605) is Opal’s Associate Operations + Systems Director. She is also a therapist, social justice advocate, a family therapist and a disability specialist from the PNW. From a young age, Courtney was aware of the harm caused by diet culture, ableism, thin privilege, fatphobia, and white supremacy. This all ignited a passion for systemic equity work amongst several sectors like managed care, private practice, and local government advocacy. After time spent in the milieu, as well as a primary and family therapist, Courtney returned to Opal as our Intake Lead and recently took on leading the Support System Therapy team and the Head of Staff role. This all has permitted her to understand Opal from many perspectives. Her belief is that we are all connected to and informed by our context and culture. This informs Courtney’s work which is founded on the idea that when we look at the whole of a person and the systems they live and function within, we can often cultivate empathy, understanding, and options that may not have been discovered seeing through a limited, individualistic lens. When Courtney is not in the office (or working from home), she loves to spend time with her 3 kids, seek out good coffee, ride bikes, hike, camp, experience new foods and enjoy all the precious sunny days Seattle has to offer.