The Appetite: An Eating Disorder Podcast

The Appetite is an eating disorder podcast about all things food, body, movement, and mental health. It is brought to you by Opal: Food+Body Wisdom, an eating disorder treatment center in Seattle Washington.

 The Appetite team is Opal’s three co-founders, Psychologist Dr. Lexi Giblin, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Julie Church, and Family Therapist Kara Bazzi.

Listen in as Julie, Kara, and Lexi, along with special guests cover topics on Health at Every Size, exercise and sport, Radically Open DBT, diet culture, eating, mental health, and so much more. 

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NEW Self-Inquiry Podcast Series---
Calling for Applicants

Opal’s podcast, The Appetite, is launching a new Self-Inquiry Series, where we will take the style of Opal’s PHP/IOP Self-Inquiry Group to the podcast airways. 

We are looking for folks interested in doing private journal self-inquiry work followed by receiving questions from the podcast group – just like in Opal’s Self-Inquiry Group (but recorded).  Participants can call in to the show or join us at the studio in the U-District. 

The Appetite will take measures to protect your identity, including using an alias, altering the sound of your voice, and editing out any identifying information disclosed post production. To be eligible, participants must actively be in individual therapy in order to have a place to process what may arise from the self-inquiry. 

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