Group Leader — Health at Every Size alumni group

Uses They/Them pronouns

Erin Harrop, LICSW, PhD (they/them) is a licensed social worker (LW61029408) and assistant professor at University of Denver. Erin’s research focuses on eating disorders, weight stigma, and weight-inclusive care. Erin’s most current research centers on atypical anorexia and interventions to reduce internalized weight stigma (in patients) and externalized weight stigma (in providers). Erin co-facilitates Opal’s alumni group. Their clinical work also involves trainings at the provider level including trainings at University of Washington’s Health Sciences Interprofessional Education Program, University of Michigan Medical School, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Denver Health, and the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

Erin became interested in helping others heal from eating disorders as a result of their own experience with an eating disorder. Having experienced how differently they were treated when they were in a thin body compared to when they were in a larger body, they became interested in how weight stigma contributes to eating disorders and poor treatment outcomes. Erin takes an intersectional, fat liberation approach to their research, clinical, and advocacy work. They are deeply committed to increasing public awareness of eating disorders and increasing treatment access–particularly for people with marginalized identities. 

Erin has advanced training in critical weight science, intersectional identities, motivational interviewing, trans and nonbinary populations, suicide prevention, substance abuse, and weight stigma.

When they are not working, Erin enjoys creating art, playing volleyball, going on adventures with their children, singing goth-rock at karaoke, and spending time with their loved ones.