Co-Founder + Clinical Director

Uses She/Her pronouns

Kara is a therapist, leader, speaker and podcaster. As co-founder of Opal, she feels deeply called and connected to the vision of Opal: to inspire cultural change regarding food, body, movement and mental health.

Her entry into the mental health field comes from personal experience of developing an eating disorder through the context of college athletics. Her personal experience paired with years of working with athletes with food, body and exercise concerns, has fueled her passion in developing and running the Exercise+Sport program at Opal.

Kara is committed to the work of inclusion and challenging the unhelpful narratives in society that negatively impact our relationship to our bodies, food, movement and selves. 

Kara is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#LF00002454) and continues to offer clinical leadership to the Exercise+Sport team at Opal, alongside training and educating folks in the community about eating disorders in the context of sport and exercise through trainings, writings, and podcasting. She is particularly interested in training athletic coaches to ensure that coaches are equipped in best practices when it comes to mental health.