Kent Thomas

Milieu Therapist 

Uses He/ Him pronouns

Kent (he/him) is a social worker (#CG 60555797) who cares a lot about contributing to a world with less body oppression and more body liberation. He received his BA in Psychology from Western Washington University and Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington, Tacoma. Kent’s background is in community organization, nonprofit development, and youth counseling.

Kent is passionate about advocating for fat positivity and body liberation in the gay community, and he continues to explore how to use his personal and professional experience to help others divest from cultural fatphobic, racist, and ableist body ideals. As a straight size, white, cisgender, and non-disabled man, Kent acknowledges that his privileged/dominant identities and actions have the potential to cause harm in healing spaces. For that reason, he is in the continual process of self-inquiry and education around anti-oppression, anti-racism, and his positionality.

Kent used to be into endurance sports and mountaineering, but realized that those pursuits were more harmful than helpful in his healing/body liberation process. Now, Kent loves anything that has to do with Tacoma, queerness, baking, family, dancing, and pop music.