Meng Wang


Uses She/Her pronouns

Meng is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (#DI 61310308)in the state of Washington with a Master’s in Nutrition Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She also has a Bachelor’s in Communications from Penn State University. Even though the two are seemingly unrelated, Meng believes that her interest and background in writing and creative pursuits gives her a wider lens in connecting with people from many walks of life. When people ask where she’s from, Meng never has a straightforward answer because she moved so much throughout her life, generally shifting between the east coast of the US and Asia. Even though constantly leaving places and relationships behind was hard, Meng is grateful that it instilled an ability to deeply feel and understand what others are going through. Meng has had a wide array of jobs, from her earlier days as a server, to corporate roles at large companies, to yoga teacher, to retail jobs and more. Meng is an introvert who loves to connect deeply with others, she values alone time just as much as going on adventures with her partner and pets. 

As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, Meng is committed to spreading awareness around cultural humility and anti-racism as it relates to food and body. She acknowledges the many privileges she holds as well as a cis-gendered, thin and light-skinned person, and recognizes the ways these intersecting identities both contribute to and hold her back from being the best provider she can be. Meng has professional interest in attuned/intuitive eating, BIPOC issues, RO-DBT, sport and exercise/athletes, culinary skills, systems of oppression, yoga therapy, and women’s health.