The Appetite Episode #06: Body Image: Project versus Relationship Take 2

An Opal: Food+Body Wisdom Podcast

Opal’s co-founders Julie Church RDN, CD, CEDS, Kara Bazzi, LMFT, CEDS, and Lexi Giblin PhD, CEDS, and host Carter Umhau LMHCA, discuss body image through the lens of both eating disorder treatment and their personal stories. They explore what it means to have a healthy body image, shifting away from seeing one’s body as a project to “fix”, and use their own stories to highlight the complexity of moving towards a more embodied relationship. 

P.S. Did you already download or listen to an episode of The Appetite on body image and were wondering where it had gone? Well, we made a beautiful oops!  The Appetite is living into Opal’s wabi-sabi value and, yet again, finding the beauty in imperfection and authenticity. The body image episode we released previously was not the one we intended to post, but if you were one of the people that wound up hearing it–consider it an extra bonus episode!  We have replaced the previous release with a new one and hope you enjoy this one too!

The Appetite is available for listening on Soundcloud as well as iTunes or here on the Opal blog.

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