Are Some of your Well Intended Eating Habits a Problem” – Zoe Rom

The Massive Fitness Trend That’s Not Actually Healthy At All” – Jonathan Angelilli

Disordered Eating: Therapist Who Helps, Once Suffered” – Kara Bazzi

Keeping it Real” – Lauren Fleshman

This is What an Athlete Looks Like” – Louise Green

Triathlife: I Eat A Lot and That’s OK” – Jesse Thomas

“The Condition That’s Quietly Sidelining Female Athletes” – Christine Yu

espnW Body Image Confidential

The Inextricable Tie Between Eating Disorders and Endurance Athletes” – Nora Caplan-Bricker

“Amanda Bingson: Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes” – ESPN

Fit is One Thing; Obsessive Exercise is Another” – Jane E Brody

“My Weight Has Nothing to do With How Good a Runner I am” – Allie Kieffer

Bust Six Misconceptions About Food And Body Issues In Athletics – By Elizabeth Carey of DyeStat



Articles specifically addressing exercise + marginalized groups:

How Running’s White Origins Led To The Dangers Of ‘Running While Black’ from NPR

Black Voices of the Running Community You Should Listen to and Amplify Right Now

Ahmaud Arbery and Whiteness in the Running World

Transgender Athlete Rights Are Human Rights

Star sprinter eyes a roiled nation and race in all its forms

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Racing to Stay Alive: The consequences of racial bias have found their way into the running community.

Joe Gray Wants to Tackle Distance Running’s Diversity Problem

Speak Up, Speak Out: A Wish for U.S. Running From a Black Marathoner

Don’t Run For Ahmaud Arbery Just Once




The Exercise Balance: What’s Too Much, What’s too Little, and What’s Just Right For You! – Ron Thompson, PhD, and Pauline Powers, MD

Eating Disorders in Sport – Ron Thompson, PhD and Roberta Trattner Sherman

Deconstructing the Fitness Industrial Complex – Justice Roe Williams, Roc Rochon, and Lawrence Koval

Running While Black– Alison Désir



Running on Om podcast by Julia Hanlon: Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore on Changing Eating Disorder Culture in Running

The Appetite #4, 9, 17, 23, 33, 34, 40, 54, 55, 59, 63, 73, 79, 82, 89, 92, 95, 97 –by Opal:Food+Body Wisdom

The Science of Sport Podcast- 12/13/19, 11/25/19 –by Sport Scientist Ross Tucker and host Mike Finch

Clean Sport Collective– #20, #21- by Kara Goucher, Shanna Burnette, and Chris McClung



Sadie Thinks This Woman is The Greatest Athlete in The World. Here’s Why. – Barre3 Blog

Fast Women newsletter

The Ultrarunner Look

Lane 9 Project

Young Athletes and Eating Disorders


Video/ TED Talks: 

KALLY – University of Michigan Athletics Department, Depression Center, and School of Public Health

When Clean Eating Became an Eating Disorder, Patrick Devenny, TEDxCU, April 2019

Fat Runner Redefines Fitness

Shaping Movement: An Embodied Conversation on Dance and Body Image




Running on Empty – EDIN Curriculum for Coaches and exercise professionals 




NEDA Toolkit for Athletes and Coaches



Eating Disorder Treatment Centers (with athlete focus):

Opal: Food+Body Wisdom, Seattle, WA

Victory Program (McCallum Place for Eating Disorders), St. Louis, MO

Walden GOALS Program, multiple locations, Massachusetts

EDCare Athlete Program, Denver, CO