Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Given the current pandemic, we have made temporary changes to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.   

This includes:

  • All employees and clients are being expected to follow city or state mandated Covid-19 guidelines. 
  • We spread out our PHP clients and created three different cohorts to ensure social distancing while in groups and meals.  We have the following cohorts:
    • 10 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 8am-6pm
    • 6 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 8am-2pm
    • 6 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 12pm-6pm 
  • 3 hour IOP is conducted virtually
  • Outpatient 1:1, single visits with our providers via telehealth 
  • PHP/IOP programming is altered.  Groups that we have as a regular part of our programming but cannot occur right now are:  movement group, yoga therapy, culinary group, grocery shopping outing, dinner meal outing, outdoor group, and Family+Friends Dinner.
  • Masks are required at all times with the exception of meals and snacks when 6 foot social distancing is maintained. 
  • Temperatures are taken each day before entering the space
  • All clients and staff must wash their hands before entering the space and frequently throughout the day.
  • Commonly touched surfaces are being sanitized throughout the day.

This is a dynamic policy which will change. This might not reflect current guidelines. 

If you would like to read further about our response, read further posts.