Grief + Gratitude:

How Opal Has Changed and What Remains the Same



Friends, Family and Colleagues of Opal,

We thought it was time for an update. Everyday has brought newness and change at Opal; We will try to get you up to speed.
Two weeks ago we took swift and drastic measures to ensure we could safely continue to treat our most vulnerable clients. The most significant measure we took was to rework our PHP/IOP schedule to ensure 6 foot social distancing within our space. We are very aware that our expansion and renovation project has allowed us to keep our doors open to PHP/IOP clients since we have larger physical spaces to hold safe in-person groups. Little did we know 6 months ago that our renovation would have such a significant impact on our ability to face this pandemic! 
We are continuing to comply with the DOH, CDC and WHO recommendations and closely following their protocols for cleaning, masks, screening, self-isolation, social distancing, and more.
Here is the quick summary of what Opal is offering now (some old and LOTS of new):
  • 10 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 8am-6pm
  • 6 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 8am-2pm
  • 6 hour in-person Partial Hospitalization Program, 12pm-6pm  
  • 3 hour in-person IOP
  • Virtual PHP/IOP to those in our face to face PHP/IOP that need a period of self-isolation or quarantine
  • Outpatient 1:1, single visits with our providers via telehealth 
Within this time, emotions are more readily on the surface for both our staff and our clients. We have seen this translate to expressions of courage, vulnerability and honesty. Just now I received an email from one of our therapists who finished leading a process group and they said, “I was struck by the clients’ ability to articulate feeling so much grief (loss of expectations of treatment, loss of not being able to do certain groups, loss of not being able to be all cozied up in our smaller group room) AND THEN also coming to a point of so much gratitude for being able to be in treatment during this time (especially with so many other higher level of care clinics going virtual). I really appreciated that clients could name they feel fortunate that Opal is still open and has made so much effort to continue to provide essential care!”
As the leaders of Opal, we are beyond grateful that the leadership of our state led us to make these swift actions over 2 weeks ago. We believe that our early actions and consistent respect of this pandemic has led us to do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while still providing our most vulnerable clients therapeutically supported meals/snacks and face to face groups. We are grateful for the flexibility and openness of our staff as everyday has brought change. We also have waves of grief daily. We have grief that we cannot have some of you come in-person to our May 8th training on Health at Every Size.  We have grief that our staff is split between in-person and virtual. We have grief that we cannot see each other’s smiles behind masks. There is lots to grieve.  
I think that our therapist and clients summed it up well today— grief + gratitude.   
We are in this for the long haul with you.  Keep watch for some virtual resources coming your way!
Warmly, Lexi, Kara and Julie