The Appetite 92: Why an Elite Runner Stopped Running to Recover True Health: An Interview with Tina Muir

What might it be like to be a professional athlete—the symbol of health and strength in our culture—and to have a gut instinct that something is not well in your body? This was the case for elite runner and marathoner Tina Muir, when after nine years without a period she decided to stop running altogether, recover from amenorrhea, and try to get pregnant. Now the author of Overcoming Amenorrhea: Get Your Period Back. Get Your Life Back., podcast host of Running for Real, and voice of inspiration for the running community, Tina has fallen back in love with running. She sits down with Opal: Food + Body Wisdom Co-Founder Kara Bazzi, LMFT and host and therapist Carter Umhau, LMHC to discuss disordered eating, her former body image struggles as a runner, and how she’s using her voice to promote mental health in athletes. (Disclaimer: This episode was recorded before the COVID-19 global pandemic began.)



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