The Appetite 102: Race and Mental Health in Running: Alison Désir Talks with Opal

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Race and Mental Health in Running: Alison Désir Talks with Opal

Runner Alison Désir joins host and therapist Carter Umhau and Opal Co-Founder and Head of the Exercise + Sport Program, Kara Bazzi, to talk about the intersection of race and running, and why representation and mental health support in running—and the athletic world at large—matters.
How has whiteness in the running world contributed to the toxicity around sport culture? Alison Désir is a runner, mental health advocate, activist, speaker, and mother. She is the founder of the Harlem Run club, Meaning Through Movement, and Womxn Run the Vote. After the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed while running as a Black man, Alison called out the running community for being divided by race. She leads the running world in building a healthier and more inclusive community and, in this episode, it’s clear why…Alison’s passion, wisdom, and expertise are on full display!


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