The Appetite Episode #35: Perfectionism + Failure: The Possibility of Change

An Opal: Food+Body Wisdom Podcast


How can perfectionism and the avoidance of failure be keeping you from living out your values and desires? Opal Co-Founder Kara Bazzi, LMFT, CEDS and Carter Umhau, LMHC draw from experiences in their own lives (basketball and writing, respectively) to explore the differences between perfectionism and excellence, and how to embrace mistakes as a means of learning. In sharing both their own stories and their expertise as therapists, Kara and Carter offer an alternative way of being in relationship with yourself around your goals and failures.



To explore more of the themes Carter and Kara talked about in this episode, we suggest taking a look at these three books:


Mindset by Carol Dweck:

Better by Mistake by Alina Tugend:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron:


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