The Appetite Episode #51:

Sugar, Sugar: Debunking Myths About the Sweet Stuff

An Opal: Food+Body Wisdom Podcast


 Sugar. It’s loved, it’s feared, and apparently it’s in everything. In pop culture, this often leads to it being demonized. At Opal: Food + Body Wisdom, we’re debunking sugar myths, normalizing sugar, and talking about how sugar can be a part of any and everyone’s attuned eating style. Host Carter Umhau, LMHC sits down with Opal Co-Founder and Nutrition Director Julie Church, RDN, CEDRDS, CD to discuss the sweet stuff. 



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Myths about Diabetes (note that we do not support all the language and the fat-phobic language in this link but look for the message about sugar not causing Diabetes):
 Sugar Addiction Review Article:
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