The Appetite Episode 82:

Good Coaching Matters: A Conversation with University of Washington’s Center for Leadership in Athletics


What makes a good coach? With no agreed upon definition of a “qualified coach,” this is a question often ignored! Julie McCleery, PhD, of the Center for Leadership in Athletics at the University of Washington, joins us to talk about how the often toxic culture in sports could be transformed through better, more holistically-minded training for coaches. With Opal: Food+Body Wisdom’s Exercise+Sport Director Kara Bazzi, LMFT, CEDS, and host and therapist Carter Umhau, LMHC, Julie discusses how allegations of abuse in the professional sports sphere reflect our need for a more robust understanding and care of the athlete as a whole person. Julie will offer context around her training model of “Ambitious Coaching” and how coaches can approach youth sports differently to create positive change starting in athletes’ younger years.





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“What To Do If You Have (or Notice) an Abusive Coach” by Elizabeth Carey:


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