Metabolism: How a Diet Can Harm the Body

Is there such thing as a metabolism diet? Can we truly control our bodies in order to change the way we look? As talk of New Year’s “lifestyle changes,” diets, and new exercise regimens fill our feeds, we’re here to talk about a major function of the body impacted by unhealthy dieting and changes in exercise: METABOLISM. In this episode we’re exploring what it is, how it works, and whether or not the assumptions diet culture has made about our ability to control it are scientifically valid. (Spoiler alert: they aren’t.) In conversation with host, therapist and not-a-scientist Carter Umhau, LMHC, Opal Co-Founder and Nutrition Director Julie Church, RDN, CEDRD-S, CD expertly explains and debunks myths around metabolism, explaining how dieting can harm our metabolic processes for good. 



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