The process of coming up with a name for our clinic was more difficult than we imagined. After poring through lists of ideas, the name “Opal” appeared to us, piqued our interest and the meaning of Opal began to deepen.  We were soon convinced it was the right name for our clinic!

  • The beauty within: An opal is a hidden jewel that emerges from raw rock. Its beauty is a surprise to be discovered!
  • A celebration of unique spirit and diverse experience: No two of the splendid, multi-hued colors exhibited by opals are ever exactly the same; it is this diversity of individual characteristics and experiences that makes them so special. At Opal, diversity is celebrated.
  • Shining a light reveals the radiance within: Opals need light to expose their beautiful colors. At Opal, we compare this notion to our belief that shedding light on what are too often viewed as shameful secrets or experiences will help healing occur. Ultimately, this uncovering will allow one to shine with more authenticity, radiance and color.
  • Importance of relationships:  The opal needs to be in relationship (with light) in order to shine. This aligns with our belief that relationships provide the support and connection we need to discover health, wholeness, and beauty.