“Is this really happening?!!” has been a constant refrain in the past couple of months.  When we fell in love with our urban tree house space many months ago, we asked, “Could we actually get this space? No?!” At our photo shoot for the website, it was “Is this really happening?!” As we walked in to our amazing 6000 square foot space to find it full of construction workers tearing up the old carpet and putting up walls, we asked, “Is this really happening?!” Tonight as I realize our website may launch tomorrow, I’m asking myself, “Is this really happening?!”  When Julie, Kara, and I realized that Sara, Andrew, Tahney, and Carey would be part of our treatment team, I asked, “Is this really happening?!” As I write this with two feet on the ground, I can definitively say that, yes, this is all really happening.  It is an absolute dream come true.

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