Last week, the New York Times published a brave post by distance runner Mary Cain. She is boldly using her voice (and her justified anger) to advocate for change in sport culture. We are so grateful for this story and others that bring awareness to the harm that is done when coaches and sport entities hold the “win at all costs” mentality with their athletes. At worst, athletes can be objectified for what they can “produce” while sacrificing the athletes’ physical or mental health as human beings. At best, a well-meaning coach can still unintentionally communicate these harmful messages when they are ignorant to the impact of weight pressures in sport and how they are perpetuated. Opal is dedicated to serving athletes on their healing journey in their relationship to food, body, sport and mental health. Also, did you know that Opal is committed to bringing awareness, teaching and advocacy to our local community and beyond? Check out our newly released podcast episode that talks about the dangers of inadequate eating and the subsequent loss of the menstrual cycle. Also, stay tuned for more information coming about a local coaches training we will be hosting on January 11th in partnership with the University of Washington Center for Leadership in Athletics. Every effort matters in changing our sport cultures! 

Read Mary’ story here

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