Our urban treehouse provides many views including the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, the downtown skyline AND the owl on the roof of the building across the street.  When we moved in to our space, we immediately took a liking to the fake owl that scares critters away from the rooftop.  It became such a fitting Opal mascot–owls symbolize wisdom and insight and we have a lot of both going on inside our walls!

We knew that the owl was destined to be ours and plotted its capture. On the first annual Owl-iday, we valiantly captured Hedwig from the rooftop. It now proudly resides in our Great Room. Ever since, it has been owl craziness at Opal (think owl stuffies in art therapy, owl magnets, owl towels, owl salt and pepper shakers). We came, we saw, we conquered!  Hark! Forever lives the owl at Opal!

Thanks to Steve from the building across the street who has graciously replaced the captured owl with not one but two additional owls!

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